4H 30 Day Challenge

Thanks to Facebook, I stumbled onto the 4H “Inspire To Do” challenge for the month of September. Each day 4H challenges you and your kids to a fun and ‘simple’ activity to develop knowledge and skills about the world around us. 4H is having a photo contest for everyone practicing in the challenges with a price of $10,000. Pretty cool!! Download the list here.

Some of the challenges are a little intense; for example #6 “raise butterflies and track their stages of life.” Since we raised butterflies last summer (check out that activity here), I know it isn’t a day project. The process is at least 2 weeks. I may modify that day to making a butterfly feeder. Or visiting the butterflies at the zoo. Or maybe both. We’ll see.

Overall, I think these challenges are great and hope to do them all. Check back for updates on our progress.

What do you think will be most challenging activity to accomplish in a day?

Daily Updates:

  1. Bird Feeder
  2. Plant a garden
  3. Visit the farm
  4. Zoo Excursion
  5. Nature Walk
  6. Raising Butterflies
  7. Mason Jar Garden
  8. Pressed Flowers
  9. Card Making
  10. Chemistry
  11. Egg Drop
  12. Boat Races
  13. Lemonade Stand
  14. Lemon Battery
  15. Volunteering with Animals
  16. Thank You Letter
  17. Homeless Care Package
  18. Helping Senior Citizens
  19. Cooking New Foods
  20. Kids Yoga
  21. Gratitude Journal
  22. Meal Planning
  23. Food Drive
  24. Trash Pickup
  25. Art in the Park
  26. Campfire
  27. Crayon Candles
  28. Bath Bombs
  29. Robotic Hand
  30. Coding Your Name

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