Geologists- Kinetic Sand

We love kinetic sand because it is a great indoor activity on a rainy day or the weather is too hot to go outside. PLUS when your kids are tired of play doh; it is a great alternative.

It does get ground into the carpet like play doh does.

I tried the sandbox this summer thinking it would be a good activity but the sand gets in the house, toes or fingernails. Kinetic sand is so much easier to clean up.

The kit comes with molds but we added some small gems to the activity that my kids loves to hide in the sand or use to decorate their sand castles. We make handprints. It is fun for all ages (but the sand is recommended for 3 yrs old plus).

Other great additions to the kinetic sand is:

  • Small dump trucks
  • Small seashells
  • Little people or animals

Kinetic Sand The One Only Sandcastle Set 1lb Sand, Molds Tools (Colors Vary)

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